How to do mission 10!

Heres how to do Mission 10!!! to Gary then Herbert and the director pick up the solar panel from the box of odds and ends, now go to the Beach.

2. talk to Jet Pack guy †then go in the Lighthouse.

3. then pick up the barrel of Cream Soda next to the boat.

4. go back to Jet Pack Guy and give him the Cream Soda barrel.

5. solve the puzzle- pour the 8 beaker into the 5, the 5 into the 3, the 3 into the 8, the 5 into the 3, the 8 into the 5, the 5 into the 3 and, finally, the 3 into the 8. I know it sounds complicated, but it really is not!

6. go to the Dock and collect the rope from the guy with the boat.

7. go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table and bring it outside to the Town. Place it near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop.

8. go back to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

9. take the solar panel out of your inventory,  then click on the broken wire with it.

10. connect the solar panel to the wires. Look in the instructions to help you do it.

12. go to the Night Club, and put the rope you got earlier onto the pulley above the machine then pull the lever.

13. after the machine gets crazy †open it up using your wrench from your spyphone and align the gears¬†so they fit best.

14. go to the secret agent †HQ. Your spyphone will ring. Answer it, then head to the dock.

15. you will see Klutsy with a Herbert cut out. He will run away, then your spy phone will ring again. Answer it, then head to the Night Club.

16. you will see Herbert steal the golden puffle. Pull the lever so the cage comes down when he has escaped the cage, your spyphone will ring then answer it!

17. then all the agents will come and Herbert will try to pull the Golden puffle from the magnet. Now take Jet Pack Guy jet pack, then angle the lights so they are over the solar panel now click on the cage with the jet pack. Herbert will be trapped.

18. gary will arrive †then Herbert will escape using Rookie teleporter. then talk to Gary and he will find a packet of seeds



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