2009 Coin glitch

Hey guys I found a new coin glitch! This glitch can get you up to 1000000 coins! here is how you can do the glitch:

1. log on to a safe chat server

2. go to the night club

3. Walk over to the new game and right before you walk up to it click on the igloo Icon


4. When you get to your igloo a thing will pop up and it will ask if you would like to dance then click yes


5. Play the game on solo until you finish the game


6. after you beet the game press tab until the yellow square goes around the box with the X on it


7. keep clicking on the X and it will keep giving you coins!


2 Responses to “2009 Coin glitch”

  1. kool!

  2. it didnt work for me.. ugh ive never found a real glitch that actualy gives you coins and i really need money… well it probably worked b4 but i guess they fixed it, well.. thanks anyway!

    Reply: Yes they did fix it but we are always trying to find a new money glitch

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