New site! (Coming soon)

Hey guys I am going to have a new club penguin Cheat website soon! My new site will be a lot different than this one. The new site is going to have a lot more stuff on it. But don’t worry I will still keep this one as my club penguin cheat blog. 🙂 The new website will have a lot more club penguin stuff like more cheats,secrets,hints,tips,tricks,parties,glitches,hints,banners,club penguin Elite penguin force game cheats,more tracking guides,contests, and more!

On the new site I will also have more workers! any one can be a worker on my new upcoming website. My workers I had in mind were: Hkpvxprs, Shadowwhite, Oak giants, and Arrts247! Well I can’t wait until the new website comes out!

Heres What the image header might look like but on the real website there will be a text on it…


until then, waddle on…



3 Responses to “New site! (Coming soon)”

  1. Dude you got the best blog ever!

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  3. robotboy1999 Says:


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