About Arrts

Hi, I am Arrts the creator of this site. My favorite game in Club penguin is cart suffer because its fun and it gets you a lot of coins. My puffle is named Yarr and he is red like Rockhopper’s puffle. My favorite hang out spot is the coffee shop and my favorite party spot is my igloo. My favorite igloo music is hard rock and my favorite igloo is the snow globe. My penguin is more then one year old! so far it is 608 days old. If you ever want to find me in club penguin then you will find me at toboggan and walking around in random places. Here are some of my best buddys… Arrts247, Shadowwhite, Oak giants, Hkpvxprs, Railsplitter, and Fred28046.

Here is my music play list:http://www.playlist.com/playlist/15223702539/standalone


2 Responses to “About Arrts”

  1. cool!

  2. I LOVE your playlist!! I am going to add these songs to my iPod shuffle. Did you know that the director of the American Idol Ford Music Videos – who is called Shane Drake – directed the AI version of “Circus” – also directed the video for Fall Out Boy’s “Beat It.” – Here is the AI Video for “Circus” in case you did not see it: http://www.americanidol.com/videos/season_8/ford_music_videos/top_8_circus

    You can see him in “The Making of” which plays right after.

    Reply: Thank’s!-Arrts

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