Club penguin cheats


1. Toot press et

2. walk on walls download adobe flash player 7 then go on club penguin. Next type in 700 zoom and you will be on the wall!

3. clone bot go to php and scroll down to the American flag then click on the highlighted  text and download it.

4. candy mode in the pizza game click on the lever on the bottom of the pizza game and you can make candy pizzas! and also get more coins

5. 1000000 coin glitchplay the Dj game for an hour and you will get 1000000 coins!

6. Fast snow balls keep pressing T on your key board

7. fly in a sled race right click and you will be in mid-air in a sled race

8. 1000 coins play the jet pack game with out picking up a single coin and you will get 1000 coins for free!

9. Secret arcade levels after level 10 on the space game wait 25 seconds and a ship will appear shoot it and you will go to the expert levels!

9. tip the ice berg have 81 penguins on one side and you will get a prize!

10. Money bags do all the ice in the thin ice and money bags will pop up!

11. Flashing words say ” I DRINK NOTHING BUT COFFEE!”

12. Rainbow bracelet go to the book room and go to the last page of the book Rockhopper and the stowaway and click on the rainbow brace let.

13. Rockhopper key pin go to the book room then go to the last page of Rockhopper’sjournaland it can be used as a pin!

14. Skip levels inAsteroid Barrier when you are playingAsteroidbarrier press “1” on your key board to go to level 10, press, “2” on your key board and you will go to level 20, and press “3” on your key board to go to level 30!

15. Secret levels when you are playing Asteroid Barrier wait about 25 seconds after level 10 then you will see a ship… now shoot the ship and you can go to a secret level!

16. Sitforward  press the down arrow key

17. Walk on walls in the light house go behind the fish bucket behind the light house and click the door then quickly click the second floor of the stairs.

18. stand in path ways walk up to a path way and quickly click on your mail and you will be in the path way.

19. spam keep pressing “J” on your key board

18. blank speech bubble press the send button on your tool bar

19. change furniture in other igloos go to your igloo then press the edit button. Now click on your penguin and go to the HQ. Then go to a member igloo on the map and you can change their furniture!

20. Coin glitch go to the Coffee Shop and play “Bean Counters”. Then when you have 300-400 points press tab and X out of the game and keep clicking the X and your coins will sky rocket!

21. Dancing game cheat Play the Dancing game and after you choose your song click on “Cladence”

22. speed things up Go in an almost full room and do the farting noise. (e+t) The penguins and you will speed up!

24. more  flashing words say maybe your perfect match will come if u sit HERE (without quotations)

25. big red fish the  big red fish at the end of ice fishing u can catch by using a little yellow fish. At the end you should have 60 fish and then wait for another fish. When you have 62 fish the last fish number 63 you take and put it in the middle of the screen. Then you should have caught the big red fish!

26. flying without a hat on Have nothing on and open your player card and put on the propeller hat. Don’t close your player card and dance. You should be flying!

27.puffle surfing at the cove go to catching wave but BRING YOUR RED RED RED puffle with you and your RED puffle will be surfing with you. So go and have fun with your RED puffle.

28. over 100 buddies if you have 99 buddies and you want a lot more just click on a LOT of penguins and ask to be their buddy and if a lot of them say yes than you should have OVER 100 buddies!

29. silver surf board go to the sports shop catolog. go to the surfboards. click the penguin. click the shell. click the starfish. Now you can buy it

30. Spam keep pressing J on your key board

31. sit use arrow keys

32. give a tour with out typing wear your tour guide hat, then click on the speech bubble, then go to give a tour and your penguin will automatically say the tour guide words!


2 Responses to “Club penguin cheats”

  1. yo yo arrts i have a ????

    How do you do da orange puffle and does it have furniture

    mail me back

  2. Hi how to you become a robot/clone?

    Reply: you can become a clone bot if some one clones you using the cheat 🙂

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