Club Penguin coin tips

So you want a lot of coins in Club penguin? Well you have come to the right place! The first thing you should know is that there are lots of ways to get a lot of money on club penguin, like using a money maker but that could not be a good idea sometimes. Here are some great ways to get lots of coins!

Here are the top games that get you lots of coins!

1. Cart surfer

2. Puffle round up

3. Surfing

4. DJ-3K

Here are some money glitches

DJ-3K glitch

1. Log into club penguin

2. Play DJ-3K For an hour

3. you will have 1,000,000 coins! (Please Note that this no longer works and if you do try it you will get banded from the server)

Jet pack adventure money glitch


1. Log into club penguin

2. Go to the light house beckon

3. Play Jet pack adventure with out picking up a single coin and at the End you will get 1000 coins!

Here is A video for Club penguin money tips

Pizzatron coin cheat

1. Go to the pizza parlor and play the pizza making game

2. Click on the lever on the Starting screen

3. The lever will put the game into candy mode so you can make candy pizzas and get more coins!

Asteroid barrier

1. Go to the Night club

2. Go up the stairs into the Lounge room

3. walk up to Asteroid barrier and click play

4. when you get to level 10 wait about 25 seconds

5. after you wait about 25 seconds a ship will appear, shoot the ship and you will go to bonus secret levels

6. The bonus secret levels get you more coins


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