Famous penguin Trackers (New)


Hey guys the rumors are true you can meet Aunt Arctic, Cladence, Rockhopper, Gary, And the Club Penguin band! those penguins are all famous! Here are some Awesome guides to track them!

Aunt Arctic tracking guide
Servers found on: Mammoth, Blizzard, Belly slide, and Frozen
Rooms found in: Stage, Town, Back stage

Location: Tracking…

Cladence Tracking guide
Servers found on: Mammoth,Abominable, and Trundra
rooms found in: Dance club, stage, and back stage

Location: Tracking…

Gary tracking guide
Servers found on: Toboggan, Mammoth, Alpine, and Abominable
Rooms found in: Coffee shop, Pizza parlor, Stage, Secret agent HQ, and Back stage
Location: Tracking
Penguin band tracking guide
Servers found on: Mammoth, Toboggan, Belly slide, and Abominable 
Rooms found in: Back stage, Dock, and Stage
Location: Tracking

One Response to “Famous penguin Trackers (New)”

  1. cprox123 Says:

    ok thx i found gary

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