Unlock items online!

Here is the treasure book. The treasure book can unlock items online if you have a club penguin plush toy. On the back of the plush toy it will have a code with the code you have accesses to get 2 free items in the book per code including a 1500 for free! you can also use the money maker on the last page of the book. There are also special items that you can only get form the book like the ipod or the white parka and more. I will share some secrets so you can get some free items form the book your self! but first heres the book



here is a cheat in the book click on the light in the building.


here are the very secret items


Here is the money maker


Heres how you can unlock some items�


click on this in the log in area 

click on this in the log in area

Now click on witch penguin on remember me on this computer you want to unlock items on


when this pops up click on I have a book 

when this pops up click on I have a book

Then click on the book on the left. Now heres the codes

if it asks you WHAT WORD IS ON PAGE 101, 4 WORDS FORM THE LEFT ON LINE 8? The word is donated

The word on page 9 is sometimes

The word on page 35 is misses

The word on page 38 is scanvenger

The word on page 40 is Examples

(more coming soon!)


One Response to “Unlock items online!”

  1. sportgirl59 Says:

    OMG thankyou so much for page9

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